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Bellknott Staff

3 Months Ago

Password Not Working

I logged out last night and came back to it this morning and it made me make a new password because it said my old one was wrong. So I redid the password and went to log back in and it said it was still incorrect. I have done this 3 times now and do not know what the problem is.
I would really appreciate your help!

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Rebecca Herranen

3 Months Ago

Make sure you are trying to sign in as the artist and not the buyer. That snagged me up in the beginning and sometimes it still does.


Mike Savad

3 Months Ago

That's usually the reason, clicked on gallery or buyer and it doesn't know from you. Beyond that make sure you don't have the caps lock on. There are no extra spaces. Check to see if you have an adblocker not playing nice.

----Mike Savad


Abbie Shores

3 Months Ago

If you have difficulties with your email or password, please read below..

1. Passwords and emails are case sensitive. emails must be all lowercase
2. Turn off, or update any auto form filler on your browser if you've changed the password recently or you share your browser with someone
3. Make sure if copying that you are not leaving a space at either end

Most of the time people cannot log in it is an auto form filler causing issues. You make them match

The process for changing or deleting information in automatic form fillers depends on the specific form filler tool or program you are using. Here are some general steps that you can follow:

1 Determine which form filler tool you have installed or are using. It could be a browser-based form filler, a standalone software program, or a plugin or extension.
2 Typically, form fillers have settings or options where you can manage your stored information. Look for an icon or menu associated with the form filler tool, usually located in the browser toolbar or within the settings menu.
3 Click on the form filler icon or access the settings menu, and look for an option related to managing stored form data or personal information.
4 Once you have accessed the settings or options, you should see a list of the information that the form filler has stored. From there, you can either edit the existing information or delete it entirely. Some form fillers allow you to edit information directly in the settings, while others may require you to navigate to a separate interface or page.
5 After making any modifications or deletions, be sure to save your changes. The form filler tool should have an option to save the updated information.

It's important to note that the specific steps and terminology may vary depending on the form filler tool you are using. Therefore, it's recommended to consult the documentation or support resources provided by the tool's developer for more detailed instructions tailored to your specific form filler software


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