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Rudi Prott

3 Months Ago

Usps World Tour

On November 14th I made two purchases for friends. They were ready for shipping on 16th. One (I got a message) will arrive today. Two weeks are normal for being sent from California to Germany.
And the other one?
USPS seems to have sent it on a world tour. Since 22nd (!) it is in Canada, may be a kind of sightseeing. What is next? Brazil?

I remember a former experience. From my Indian Summer trip many years ago I sent a postcard to a colleague. She got it after nearly half a year with a stamp 'sorted out by the Ecuador Postal Service'.

It seems some people do not know any foreign countries at USPS. May be someone gives them a list of countries and where they are.
Or does USPS have a second business unit as travel agency?

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Tibor Tivadar Kui

3 Months Ago

:)) I think it is related to TSP (travelling salesman problem) a famous problem in mathematics, still unsolved.


Rudi Prott

3 Months Ago

Haha Tibor,

I hope not exactely the same problem. They should have more than one postman. Otherwise with millions of destinations in the world it could need trillions of years. Too late for any christmas or birthday,


Mike Savad

3 Months Ago

Good thing it wasn't food... Or a cat.

----Mike Savad


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