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David Dehner

3 Months Ago

2023 November Site Suggestions

Post kindly
Suggestions only.


''DO NOT'' Post your suggestion in the form of a Demand or I can't pass it on


Do not post site bugs or glitches here.


Limit ''ONE'' Suggestion per person per Month. No discussions.

This site will not give out email addresses to any members of clients that buys art as that would be a breach of information.


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Shelia Hunt

3 Months Ago

Please, we need an updated, more contemporary layout for our Pixels websites. The old non-stretchy design is so very dated.
Please consider doing our Pixels site layouts similar to the fairly new layouts we have on our FAA pages... The new stretchy design on FAA is beautiful, and it eliminates all the unnecessary white space. Updating the aesthetics of our Pixels sites will help us to draw more buyers to our sites. Thank you so very much for considering this.


I would like to see more diversity in the results of the search.
This could be achieved by limiting the numbers of images from a same artist/gallery per line and page.

There are many examples of searches where entire pages are taken mainly by one artist and what the customer gets to see is all in the same style.
In the worst cases it is the same design with only small changes or pages of irrelevant results because of wrong keywords.

This has always been the case but as there are always more new galleries with thousands of images pushed to the front, I think this is getting worse.
This is boring for the customers and discouraging for individual artists.


Val Arie

3 Months Ago

This may have already been suggested.

Have been seeng a lot of wall murals (kind of like window clings but they stick to the wall) advertised. Maybe a new offering for here? They say they are reusable and very easy to install.


Bill Swartwout

3 Months Ago

Please hire a programmer to assist in daily monitoring and “squashing” of the frequent bugs that plague the site and to “catch up on things” like Google Analytics (which is now several months late)…


Piter Van Moort

3 Months Ago

Now on the work page there is a link with the name of the artist, which always leads to the main page of the account.
I think it would be useful to provide the option for this link to lead to a specific collection.
That is, add a field in the work upload form where you can select a collection (or the main account page) to which a link with the artist’s name (for this specific work) leads.


Chuck Staley

3 Months Ago

The artist websites do not have a button to push that shows images.


M G Whittingham

3 Months Ago

I think FAA should pay the fee to fix the Twitter issue.

It has been a few months now since the Twitter link hasn't worked....


Tibor Tivadar Kui

3 Months Ago

My suggestion is related to those .pdf catalogues which can be generated individually for each image but only for art prints and greeting cards.
It would be efficient if 1.) all products to be included and 2.) to have the possibility to generate that file for an entire collection or for all images in one go.


Chad Meyer

3 Months Ago

The ability to block/mute other members.


I would love to be able to buy and sell postcards. Over 3 billion are mailed yearly and many people (including me to be honest) love collecting them.


David Smith

3 Months Ago

Bring back the affiliate program.

i have a number of FB pages that I could promote member art on, but not unless I get a return on my time.


Dora Hathazi Mendes

3 Months Ago

I would like that the Google Analytics would be solved,

BUT what would be even better, to have a decent analytics implemented into the site, behind the scenes in the settings.

Something similar like Etsy has.
How many visits came from internal search, to which images,
how many visits come from Google, to which images,
how many visits come from external links, such as blogs to which images,
how many visits come from Social Media , at least from the biggest ones, FB, TW, IG, PIN, M, to which images,
how many items were placed into basket, from these visits how many resulted to sales.

If items were placed into baskets, we could have an optional opt in system, if we want to send them after some days automatically a 20% discount code in email to make the purchase happen.

And the usual things what we have now with the graficons to compare days, weeks, years etc.

If Etsy has this, I think here could be possible too. It would be extremely useful for understand what works and what not, because as it is suggested, we are advertising a LOT outside the site, but we are doing it blindly.

Thank you for considering.


Michelle Meenawong

3 Months Ago

I agree with Dora, what she asks for is just great

thank you


Hugh Warren

3 Months Ago

It'd be really nice if one could attach a note, or make a change just for one's own benefit, to group names as they appear when one is editing an image and ticking the group boxes: my idea is to make it easier to remember odd rules such as '2 per week' or 'no AI' or 'no curches' or no flags' or 'no landscapes' etc, etc. Probably much easier to dream up than to implement, but if one doesn't ask ...
Might also be nice if one could arrange them in one's own choice of order too, so that for example, one could have all People groups together.


Shelli Fitzpatrick

3 Months Ago

I second David's suggestion! please let us affiliate for referrals!


Rebecca Herranen

3 Months Ago

Tryptics please, would be such a nice addition


Lucia Waterson

3 Months Ago

Hello! I would like to suggest if possible, please, that when FAA offers sales there would automatically be a header for the special offer also on our artists site. It would be great I think.

Thank you so much for all your help and work!


Mike Savad

3 Months Ago

I want a frame helper for buyers - match the best frame choices for the colors in the scene or in the room. Where a buyer can click a button, it looks at the color of the image then chooses the best colors that match.

Likewise if they upload a picture of their room, it will choose what it thinks looks best, so if there is a pale wood, it would choose pale colors.

Sort of like how it chooses a background color or a shirt. There are a ton of frame choices that could be confusing people.

----Mike Savad


Elisabeth Lucas

3 Months Ago

Please make it possible for artists who have over 10,000 images to bulk edit all of them at once.


Jennifer White

3 Months Ago

Would be nice if we can schedule our header announcement bar to change at a specific time. For example, I update it for the holiday sales each day. But often it's 7am or 8am before I can get it changed so if someone looks at it at 6am, then it will show yesterdays sale instead of today.


Lucio Cicuto

3 Months Ago

Would like to see a comprehensive list of previously submitted suggestions with status such as "Under Review" "Under Development" "Deployed" "Rejected with explanation"

We all keep submitting suggestions monthly and sometimes we all repeat the same suggestion and get frustrated and stop making suggestions. Also some enhancements are made but not communicated to FAA users. For Example: Someone recently suggested there are 2 new puzzle sizes. I tried to order a puzzle and did not see additional options beside 500 & 1000 pieces.


Gill Billington

3 Months Ago

Lucio you have to go to settings bulk edit, choose all your images and add your markup to the new small jigsaw sizes.


Karen Zuk Rosenblatt

3 Months Ago

You also have to set it up in default pricing.


Lucio Cicuto

3 Months Ago

Jill ... Thanks ... OK .... did I miss the memo one new jigsaw options?

My suggestion point exactly..... Why are these kinds of enhancements not documented and communicated. Why do we have to stumble upon them?


Tatiana Travelways

3 Months Ago

I never thought too much about selling T-shirts, but at a closer look, I noticed that FAA, doesn't allow us to position the picture on those items.

I really wish we ca do that, so the respective image won't look like suffocating the person wearing it...

In other words, I'd like to be able to move an image that's not vertical to a lower position, please.



L A Feldstein

3 Months Ago

Agree with Delphimages about limiting searches. In a recent search I saw 3+ pages of one artist -- could there be a limit, especially since each piece states 'more from this artist'?


Harry Beugelink

3 Months Ago

I tried to order a Greeting Card from a friend on FAA. The card cost $8.24 but shipping was over $14.00 to BC, Canada. Maybe it is because of cross border shipping, bt even then, a Greeting Card(s) could be mailed instead of couriered. Furthermore, FAA does print photos and canvasses in Canada, why not also Stationary Items like Greeting Cards, Notebooks and Stickers to eliminate cross border shipping costs


Gill Billington

3 Months Ago

Regarding the problem of escalating fees that shipping companies charge to deliver to other countries.

I understand that Pixels was chosen as a name to sound more international than Fine Art America so I wondered if someone should be employed to actively find more good print facilities abroad.

In the UK I am very grateful that the print facility there also prints greetings cards, phone cases and ornaments. I would love to have a manufacturer for jigsaws, notebooks, t-shirts etc in our region as well.

If Canada and the EU also had print facilities for more than 4 products I think sales would increase a lot for FAA.


Robert Darin

3 Months Ago

Please deal with the technical issues that plague the site between fine arts America and the premium domains. Situations like the T-shirts not showing up in a search or that the menus at the top are not complete for the products being offered.

As far as the many references to the products not being available or out of stock, those show up next to the products so the reference to the fact that the menus are out of sync with the actual products isn't really an issue. On the premium site, the right hand drop down menu shows one thing while the upper horizontal menu shows another and yet the left hand search bar will show something completely different or nothing at all.

For my own site, if I go to click on t-shirt it says there are no products found but if I go through the right hand panel it shows that I have t-shirts. Another example is when you click on the tech button and the horizontal menu at the top, it shows iPhone cases and Samsung cases but not portable battery chargers. When you click on the left hand side search menu, it shows all three. When you click on the right hand side drop down menu, it shows only iPhone cases.

The inconsistencies between the three types of menus causes a great deal of frustration for a perspective customer looking for a particular product or item.

Thank you in advance.


Stefano Orazzini

3 Months Ago

I agree with Delphimages and L A Feldstein.

I'd like to see more rotation in search results, like on many stock image websites.

If on the first page of the search, there are 100 results, I would like to see for example:

- 60% historically best-selling images
- 20% images from the last 5 years sold less than 5-10 times
- 20% new images from the last year.

In this way, we can also give more visibility to newer works and new authors who seem to me to be very penalized.


Mike Reid

3 Months Ago

I wouldn't mind a way of hiding users whose avatars are creeping me out

I'd also like to be able to upload much larger imagery.


Jill Annette Johnson

3 Months Ago

50 to 100 mb file uploads would assure customers and artists a better quality product if they are like me sticklers for details and want to do museum quality. Am hoping this capability is added to features.


Jessica Jenney

2 Months Ago

I would like to see updates (for products and images) appear the same day instead of having to wait sometimes for a whole week or more!

I sometimes have to wait for a week to have something deleted or updated.


Andy Millard

2 Months Ago

Improved sorting of groups to make it faster to visit groups I most frequently visit.

In My Profile -> Groups, my groups are listed in the order I most recently joined them. However I usually want to get to groups with my most recent uploads. Typically I want to either to add more images, to check if I have new featured images, or to add my thanks in a discussion thread.

Navigating via Community -> Groups - >My Groups offers some alternative sort orders, the default being Groups I joined LEAST recently! Only on the rarest of occasions would this seem to be useful. It seems to be a wasted opportunity to present my groups in a useful order.


Robert Darin

2 Months Ago

I have to agree with Jessica on having better update schedules between FAA and one's own personal domain. I have uploaded pictures and collections to show up on FAA immediately, but the collections are still out of sync or non-existent on my own domain. I have tested turning off caching and other situations to see if that was the issue and to no avail as I have my TTL set to 1 hour just as a precaution.


Douglas Brown

2 Months Ago

On the back of the box of say a Jigsaw Puzzle and the back of a box of 25 Greeting Cards is it possible to add a QR code that leads back to the Artists product shop.


More Puzzles by Douglas Brown below the QR code.

It takes seconds to create a QR code, i reckon it would be worth the effort and lead to more repeat sales.


Jason Fink

2 Months Ago

When creating emails for email campaigns, i would like the FAA logo to be replaced with my own logo (or at least the option to do so) and the default store address in the header should be our AW site, not our profile page on FAA. The email campaigns aren't even an option from our FAA profile, so not sure why the campaing emails would want to link back to it.


Lesa Fine

2 Months Ago

id like to be able to work on my keywords for my images in the bulk edit area where each image is shown with keywords out beside them. It would be so much easier to update and improve our keywords there especially when artists are trying to update over 1k images in their galleries.

Also I'd love to see the inactive groups disolved if they have been inactive for a long period of time, the list is so long for groups and it would be nice to be checking out the groups that are actually sharing your work or interacting with the artists instead of the waste of time looking at a group and seeing you have numerous images still in pending box because the group has shut down. if they are inactive for a long period of time and are still showing as active groups, please deactivate them and remove them from the list.

I love FAA / Pixels and enjoy being here!
Good luck everyone with your holiday sales and Happy Holidays!


Louis Dallara

2 Months Ago

Add text to coffee mugs and even add your FAA Logo


Would like to see a feature on the upload page where you can put in the default color for all of the products rather than have to do each one separately.


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