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David Dehner

3 Years Ago

New Members - Start Here

I Just Joined Fine Art America / Pixels Now What Do I Do?

OK – you have some great photographs or you have been painting and have a bit of an inventory that can make you some money.
So you joined FAA and you are ready to sell your original paintings and/or prints of your photographs and/or paintings and great products featuring your images.

Great move on your part, FAA is the perfect place to do all that, but how do you get started?

You could just start posting your images and filling in the info required and hit the submit button – There, that was easy, now just wait for the sales to roll in. Right?

Not quite that easy - Although some members do just that and actually make some sales. If that is what your intent is you can stop reading and go for it.

If you are serious and want to have the best chance at success then let’s do it the right way.

1. Profile Image

Uploading a profile image is very important for your success. You can use any image you want. (G Rated Only). Some members think the wackier the image the more attention it will get. That is entirely up to you.

My feeling is post an image that will instill confidence in your potential customers. A nice portrait of yourself is a good choice (close up) not so far away that you cannot be seen.

One of your best paintings or photographs can also be a fine choice – but do pick an image and complete your Profile Image. If you do not place a profile image you will not be found on FAA/Pixels.

2. Enter Your Biography

I would suggest before you go any further you should enter your Biography. Here is where you tell your story.

Author Martin Stellar said.

Even if your story is in itself not all that unique or remarkable, you need to tell it and I'm about to explain why. This is important: Don't think for one moment that your story isn't important or remarkable enough. Your story is important. It is remarkable.

Not because of what that story is, but – and this is the crux of the whole idea – because your story makes you more human. Telling your story makes it easier for people to identify with you. You become more relatable to others when you have a story, any story (as long as it's true of course). People will be more endeared to you; people will like you more because of your story.

And that is the great importance of it all: People need to know, like and trust before they decide to buy something. Your story largely takes care of that liking part. Trust me. Even if you feel that your story isn't spectacular or doesn't matter. It's your story.

It matters. It helps people like you more; it helps build trust and engagement. Your story helps you sell your art.

Tell your story.

Just a few things that should not be in your story. Do not say things like.

“I am an amateur”. “Please buy my images, I need the money”. “I just purchased a camera and started shooting”. “Last week I bought my first canvas and found I love to paint”.

If any of these things are true – you don’t need to lie – Just don’t add them to your Biography.

3. Default Settings

Now is a great time to fill in all your markups – this is the amount of profit you get for each sale.

Go to Settings and then GENERAL click on the DEFAULT SETTINGS. Take your time and fill in all your markups. When you are finished do not forget to click the SAVE CHANGES button.

If there are items you do not wish to sell - just leave the mark-up blank - no -0 no - dash - just blank.

Now when you upload images all your markups will automatically fill with the amounts you selected in the DEFAULT SETTINGS.


That is entirely up to you – no one can tell you what to charge for your work. If you’re unsure you can search the site and see what other artist are charging for their work.

4. Create Your First Product

You’re ready to upload your first image

Make sure your presentation is impeccable. When your artwork is poorly photographed, it says you don't value it. Take a look at your photos or scans and be honest with yourself about this. Is your work treated and shown as if it has great value? Give your work the treatment and presentation it deserves.

Just above your profile image - Click Upload Image.

TITLE – Give it a short but descriptive title – “A Beautiful Scene” will not tell perceptive buyers that your image is actually a Butterfly on wildflowers in Central Park.

The site will automatically populate keywords and descriptions, Plus, you have the flexibility to supplement or modify the autogenerated metadata according to your preferences. Whether you want to add additional keywords or fine-tune the descriptions, the choice is yours.

KEYWORDS – Very important for internal search – you can use up to 500 characters, use them all if you can. Note: they must relate to the image. Do not use words or phrases that have nothing to do with the image you are uploading.

DESCRIPTION - Just like your biography when you're uploading art into your gallery, use the "Description" field to tell the story behind the art. Google loves a good story and that can help you in searches. Tell what it is, where it is, why you created it or photographed it.

Pick your Artwork Category and fill in your medium,

Now scroll down and adjust your image on the products you wish to sell. Taking a few moments now to adjust the images will let your potential buyers see them in the best viewpoint.

Don’t forget to hit the SUBMIT button when you are done.

Now you have your first image posted, Very little will happen until you have at least 10 images posted. 100, 200 or 1000 is even better.

Once you get started on any POD site - It is up to you to drive customers to your work. The site will advertise the general site but it is not their job to drive customers to your specific work - that is your job. Use social media, blogs, business cards, art shows, anything that will drive folks to see your work on your sales page.

5. Getting Paid

You followed all the suggestions above and you’re ready for your 1st sale but you need to do the following to get paid your markup.

Go to Settings and then Accounting open Payment Information and enter your PayPal email address. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can set one up for free by visiting

If you live in the USA before leaving Accounting open Tax Information and fill out all the information.

Remember – you won’t get paid until you complete this section.

6. Settings

Take a tour of Settings, open all the links and take your time reading all the great things you can do with your new membership. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips.

If you still have questions go to the Main Discussion board and open the “Sticky” posts. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage because there is a great deal of helpful information there.

Still have questions? Search for your question on the main discussion board - Not There? - Post your question on the main discussion board – There are a lot of friendly and knowledgeable members ready to assist.

Note: do not post private information on the discussion board it is a public forum.

Still scratching your head about an unanswered question? Get to the bottom of any page and open the Contact Us button.

Customer Service (For Orders Only)

Technical Support is for members with technical questions about using the site.

Good Luck, Welcome and Enjoy

David Dehner

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David, I reactivated this so people could ask for help direct. I hope you do not mind


David Dehner

2 Years Ago

I was surprised to see it here - But No - I do not mind at all.


Monisha Singh

2 Years Ago

Thank you, this post was very informative because I just joined today.


David Dehner

2 Years Ago

Your welcome Monisha - glad it was helpful


Stefani Ivanova

2 Years Ago

This was really helpful thanks!


David Dehner

2 Years Ago

Your welcome Stefani - Remember to rotate your profile picture so we can see you better : )


Sally Stone

2 Years Ago

Thanks for reposting this, Abbie. This was very helpful in getting me started.
I have a question about submitting art:

I'd like to submit a .png that's used only for t-shirts.
I'd like to submit a separate .jpg with my own background for other artwork.

If I do NOT want the .png to be used for other artwork, do I simply delete the pricing? Please advise.

I have a second question about image collections and galleries.
Does the art I upload automatically populate my image collections? If not, how do I set up galleries and image collections?

Thanks for your support as I figure out the workflow here!javascript: document.replyForm.submit();



David Dehner

2 Years Ago

Hi Sally,

When you are uploading an image each product (Apparel, Puzzles, Tote Bags, etc.) will have a "Customize Product" Button, select that button and that will allow you to size the image and upload other images such as PNG images.

So you can upload a JPG for the main image and also upload a PNG for select products.


On your main page - click on "Collections" just below your profile image >

Top Center of page click on "Create New Collection" >

Fill in the collection Name and Description > Don't forget to hit the submit button >

Now - While you are uploading an image and customizing products you will see your collections and you can chose to add that image to any of your collections.

I would suggest you go ahead and hit the "Upload Image" button just above your Profile Picture and run though a practice upload - you can back out anytime before you hit submit and this will help you get used to the upload tool.

Same with the rest of the site - just visit all the areas of the site to see what everything does.



2 Years Ago

Im having trouble submitting my artwork due to the file format and I have tried several acceptable formats could someone be kind enough to instruct me the proper way so I don't pull what little hair I have left out.


David Dehner

2 Years Ago

Hi Tony,

This can happen when you have just uploaded from an SD card version or are using a mobile device. Their updates stopped images saving as jpg and are now saving as HEIC or HEIF

You can go into your settings on your mobile devise and change it to not do that.

This can also happen to any image.

You may need to open your photo editor and open the image and then RE-SAVE AS jpg or png


Lyne LM Seguin

2 Years Ago

Hi My name is showing Lyne Seguin, but I wish for my art for my profile, that LM Séguin would show no accent is ok
can you help me please thank you

if I want a shower curtain with one of my paintings for surprise, how could I proceed, thank you, i would buy it myself. Thank you


David Dehner

2 Years Ago

Hi Lyne,

If you only want your name changed next to your Profile Image you can follow the instructions below.

But if you want your URL changed you will need to contact Tech Support by scrolling to the footer of this page and using the Contact Us button.

To only change the name next to your profile image:
Hover over your name (Upper Right Corner) then - on the drop down menu
Click (Settings > Scroll down and hit (Contact Information) > Change your name and don’t forget to hit (Save Changes)
Remember – doing this will only make changes to the name on the screen – it will not change your URL

To purchase a Shower Curtain:

Go to your Pixels Store -

Sign in with your normal sign in information

Select the image you want > Click Home Décor > Shower Curtain and make your purchase.

The price you see on the screen is your price without your mark-up


Kathleen McCoy

2 Years Ago

Thank you for this information. I've been hopefully doing this correctly all this time, but I'm going back over things to make certain now.
I find it hard sharing information about myself, but if needs must then I will. I will try and make it more interesting to potential (hopefully) customers.


Ashley Pruitt

2 Years Ago

Will you get paid using the PayPal linked to the email the account is setup with or will it ask for you preferred PayPal when the time comes?


David Dehner

2 Years Ago

Hi Kathleen, I often go over my site to see what needs to be cleaned up or changed - Thanks for dropping by and reading my post. Glad you found some helpful information.

Hi Ashley, Welcome to FAA / Pixels glad you joined - - Have Fun creating and I wish you luck. - You just need to add the PayPal email you used to open your PP account.


Sally Stone

2 Years Ago

Hi David,

Thanks for the tips. I'm going to try them out in the next couple of days. I don't mind experimenting, but having a few guideposts along the way is extremely helpful.

I'm also enjoying everyone else's questions and your answers. Very helpful.



Santosh Khadgaha

2 Years Ago

Great information shared for beginners on FAA. i just joined & thank you for the help extended.


David Dehner

2 Years Ago

I look forward to seeing some of your work Sally.

Welcome to FAA / Pixels Santosh - Good luck with your new endeavor.


Ann Pimblott

2 Years Ago

Thank you so much this was helpful. I have a question, I uploaded my bio on the fine Art America site but when I go to my personal pixel site my bio says coming soon. How do I add my bio to my personal website?


David Dehner

2 Years Ago

Hi Ann,

I see your Bio on your Fine Art America and your Pixels sites.

When it comes to your Premium Pixels site you will need to enter your Bio again - the Bio does not auto fill in the premium site.

Open your Premium Pixels site > Sign In > Click Edit (Upper right) > Click Homepage (Left Menu) > Click About > Fill in your info and don't forget to hit Save Changes when your done.


Ann Pimblott

2 Years Ago

Thank you so much David I have updated it now. I know where to come with my questions now. 🙂


Ann Pimblott

2 Years Ago

Actually I just thought of another question. I have had one of my paintings featured in a group and I want to post a picture of it and thank them. How do I upload the picture to the message?


David Dehner

2 Years Ago

Hi Ann,

Just open the image in question >

Scroll down the right hand side until you see EMBED >

Under Embed - copy the code >

Paste that code in the discussion post >

NOTE: you will only see the code until you hit "Post Reply" - then the image will show


Leslie Brasher

2 Years Ago

David, this is such helpful information. Thank you!!! I have been trying to figure out if there is a way to have one of my images only visible to people I give a link to. I'm in a group of artists, and we want to upload the group logo so that members can order items with the logo. But we don't want people who are NOT members to be able to purchase items with the logo on them. Is this possible?

Thank you!

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David Dehner

2 Years Ago

Hi Leslie,

Yes there is a great way to do just that.

With a private collection - I see you already have three collections so this will be easy for you.

Making A Private Collection

You can make a private collection where only you or someone you give the password to can view the images in that collection.

to your account

Open “Collections” Just under your Profile Image

Near the top of the page (Center) open “Create New Collection”

Name the Collection and just under Collection Description open the drop-down menu on Password Protected and select yes – Enter Password and don’t forget to hit “Submit” before closing.

Note: when you are signed-in you will be able to see the password protected images – But visitors cannot see them without the password.

If you want to keep those images private do not put them in any collection except that private collection.

You can have more than one private collection if you need to.

Now - give your group the password and you can all see them. - But no one else can.


Asia Smith

24 Days Ago

Thank you, this was alot of help!


Joshua Rice

24 Days Ago

Yay! I'm here!


David Dehner

24 Days Ago

All New Members,

Welcome to FAA / Pixels, so glad you joined us.

Discussion Forum Rules –

If you haven’t done so already a great place to gain understanding of how everything functions is to open the links in the FAQ thread.

When you’re done with the FAQ’s take a tour of Settings,
(Hover over your name – upper right corner – click on Settings in the drop-down-menu).
Open all the links and take your time browsing all the great things you can do with your new membership.

After Settings a wealth of information is in the Footer of this page – Grab a favorite beverage – Lots of info down there.

And some more important information (Tips To Increase Sales)

If you still have questions. Complete a search for the answer on the main discussion board - Not There? Post your question on the main discussion board – There are a lot of friendly and knowledgeable members ready to assist.

Have fun creating and best of luck.


Grace Bell

24 Days Ago

Thank you so much for this great starting point for artists new to the site! I look forward to reading more soon! I did have one question- I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to get my images to show up for people I have sent my site link to, where should I look to change that?


David Dehner

24 Days Ago

Hi Grace,

It can take up to 48 hours for your images to show in all areas of the site.

Once you have 10 images uploaded you will be in the internal search.

Your Fine Art America site will show all substrates of prints and Home Décor only.

Your Pixels site will show all substrates of prints and ALL other products.
This is where you want to send your potential customers if you have not upgraded to premium.

If you have upgraded to Premium your Pixels Premium site will show all substrates of prints and ALL other products.
This will be the site you want to send your potential customers – They will see only your art work with no distractions or links to other artist’s work.

Your Artist sign-in and password is the same for all three sites.

You can also license your images on as royalty-free and/or rights-managed licenses. If you choose to do so under settings.


Courtney Noble

23 Days Ago

Can you check out my art and let me know if it could sell?


Ameen Malik

22 Days Ago

Hello, I'm knew here and thank you for advice. I'm still getting used to the site.


Farzan Samsamy

22 Days Ago

Thank you


Annascape Creations

21 Days Ago

Thank you


Mariia Mikhno

20 Days Ago

Hello, my name is Mariia. I am a new a member of the community and I'd like to thank you all for your advice. Wish you all the best.


L Rosenthal

20 Days Ago

David - I wanted to followup on our earlier discussion about the problems I was having pasting a clickable url into a discussion page. I heard back from the Tech folks and it seems that in order for the link to be clickable you need to put it in the post and click send. But if you edit the post and add it, it will not be clickable. I've tried it and now it works just fine! Thanks for the help.


Anna Morris

19 Days Ago

My name is Anna - I am seeking advice about the DPI.

I tried to upload a 300 DPI image and was unsuccessful. I then uploaded a image of a 96 DPI and it accepted the image .Will my images at 96 DPI be acceptable?

best regards

Anna Morris


Julia Duclos

19 Days Ago

Anna, I'm new and a newbie here on the site, but I understand that each image must be a maximum of 25 MB.


David Dehner

19 Days Ago

Hi Anna,

With FAA / Pixels DPI is not important - Pixels will give you the size of your print - for instance a 4000 x 6000 pixels image will print a 60' x 40' print.

If your 96 DPI image does not have any of the following issues - it will print just fine.

If you sell an image FAA will refuse to print it if the image shows.......

Bad cropping
Blurriness not in keeping with the image (ie not meant to be there)
normal font signature (Arial, Times New Roman etc)
signature cropped half off the image
large watermarks
noticeable camera flash
Upsized images

FAA does not do quality control until you sell so, it is your responsibility to quality control your images carefully before uploading. You do this by zooming in using a photo editor to 100% and then carefully going over the image, checking for the above defects

The first two things you want to check if an image will not upload -

Is your image under 25 MB?

Is your image a jpg, .jpeg, or .png?

If it is both of these and still wont upload - try opening it in an image editor and re-saving it - that mostly always fixes it.

Here are other things you can do -

Try a different browser to make sure you do not have any extensions stopping you

You are not uploading from a memory card but uploading to your computer and then loading here

Your filename is correct and shows no spaces or .'s where they should not be.

You are not using 'Redirect Remover' or 'Social Tracker Stopper' addons on the browser

Avast Anti-track has been shown to stop uploading. They have been informed but may not change anything

You have tried a different browser

It is taking under 15 minutes (any longer is a connection issue)

You have checked your cookies on your router and tried resetting it

Try a direct, wired connection (with an ethernet cord) before anything else and see if it improves.
If not, go here:
If your speeds are above 2 Mbps, that shouldn't be the problem.
If it's slower than 2 Mbps, you might want to look into upgrading your internet service to a higher speed.
Then head to:
If your grade is A or B, that shouldn't be the problem.
If it's C or lower, you might want to contact your internet service provider and tell them you've got poor line quality. They may send a tech out to check your lines.
95% of the time, slow internet speeds are due to high volumes of traffic taxing your service provider. Try testing your connection again in the morning or very late at night (at off-peak times).


Kaliey Taylor

19 Days Ago

I just joined and this has helped me understand so much


Dorota Korcz

19 Days Ago

Thanks so much for this post, it’s really helpful:)


Surabhi Duseja

18 Days Ago

Thank you for providing guidelines.


Elle Haigh

14 Days Ago



Tammy Edgerton

10 Days Ago

this post was very informative and helpful i recently joined


Threemind Design

9 Days Ago

Thank you for the information.


JA Aragon

9 Days Ago

Thank you.


Amy Clay

8 Days Ago

This was very helpful. Thank you!


Dabija Nicoleta

7 Days Ago

Very helpful, thank you!


Kim Lewis

5 Days Ago

I recently joined and this was very informative. Thanks for the tops


Tammy Edgerton

4 Days Ago

This is so very helpful Thank you I am very new to this


Ros Turner

2 Days Ago

Thank you for all the information shared in this post. I joined a few weeks ago. Much luck to everyone!


EZ Lorenz

3 Hours Ago

How can someone join from India, pls. ?

Their message on one of the FAA’s fb pages:
“I can select India in country option, but no country code is available to enter mobile number and so getting error and not getting the pass code. How can I register? Thanks...”

(I’ve already searched the Discussion forum).


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