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Abbie Shores

13 Years Ago

Rules Of Discussions - Updated August 2023

Welcome to our online art forum / print-on-demand forum! This forum is dedicated to providing photographers, artists, and art collectors with an open forum to discuss

. buying and selling artwork online,
. print-on-demand products,
. print-on-demand technologies,
. and general topics of interest from the art world.


If posting for help, we need a full detailed explanation of;

What you expect to happen
What you are doing and where you get to before it stops
What does happen
Which browser and operating system you using

If you need to know about an order, (not a complaint, see Rule 1 for that) please always add your order number and never add your email



1. Contact support for complaints, bug reports and Customer support; they will not be dealt with in discussion.
2. Show respect: members must communicate with civility and respect. This includes, among other things, the use of capitals (shouting) or pushing your opinion on people.
3. No hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobia or any form of bigotry.
4. No spam, advertising, or excessive self-promotion, including image threads. Use groups or social media.
5. No personal attacks, harassment or defamation of site or members.
6. No illegal, pornographic or inappropriate content.
7. No trolling or behaviour intended to provoke or upset other members.
8. Keep to the posting topic and keep your post relevant.
9. No plagiarism: cite all sourced content. Sources must be given for 'facts'
10. Moderators have the final say in disputes.
11. Do not share personal info, such as phone or physical addresses.
12. Keep it age-appropriate - no offensive language.
13. Avoid political or religious discussions that may cause conflict.
14. No settling personal disputes with members over the forum.
15. Report rule violations or inappropriate behaviour to moderators.
16 REMOVED DUE TO MISUSE 16. A post's topic starter has the right to moderate; failure to adhere to requests can result in a ban.
17. Do not discuss other sites - go to their own forums.
18. No "is this art" or "what is art" threads.
19. Staff alone are allowed to use signatures in their posts.
20. No threads on NFTs or money making opportunities off the site. No crypto currencies discussed here at all under any guise.
21. At no time will a member argue with a Moderators decision or with the moderator on the board. The Mods are beyond fair so if you are asked to stop a behaviour it is for a reason and you are asked to just stop or be suspended. If you argue we will BAN YOU without warning.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not discuss Moderators decisions on the board. Sometimes we do not discuss them off it either.

22. If bringing into a conversation numbers and study results, or world opinions, you must add the source link at the end so people can make informed decisions themselves and to back up your claim.


Updating of the guidelines:

This warning informs users that the content of this page is subject to frequent updates, with potential changes being made at any time, without the need for advance notice. It is therefore important for members to frequently visit the page in order to stay up-to-date with all recent developments. Doing so will help ensure that members remain informed and can take advantage of any new features or information.

NEW MEMBERS - Start Here


CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer Service is for buyers with questions about new and existing orders click and choose Customer Service

TECHNICAL SUPPORT, Technical Support is for members with technical questions about using the site. click and choose Technical Support

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Abbie Shores

10 Months Ago

All rules have now been updated

Read through and if you have questions about one or more, contact me direct


Abbie Shores

2 Days Ago

Rules are now on zero tolerance for a period of time. No grey areas.


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