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Donna Kennedy - Bunnies In the Snow

Bunnies In the Snow

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Judi Dressler Oh, how sweet! Wonderful artwork, Donna - they are so cute, those bunnies! F/L

34 Seconds Ago

RC deWinter - Wisewoman

Wisewoman's Hearth

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Luisa Estell Beautiful capture of history nice tones and texture of setting.

1 Minute Ago

Thomas Pollart - The Outsiders

The Outsiders

VIVA Anderson sigh,missed the movie,but,something deep in me responds to their 'presence'...fine process, Thomas, fv.......VIVA

1 Minute Ago

Rosemarie E Seppala - Weights And Measures In Port Of Chicago I

Weights And Measures In Port Of Chicago I

Melinda Dare Benfield I love the antique sepia tones of this image. It raises an already cool capture into something truly beyond special. Love it.

2 Minutes Ago

Kristina Rinell - Sunkissed


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Judi Dressler Spectacular shot of this scene....! F/L

2 Minutes Ago

Marsha Reeves - Mr Maran

Mr Maran

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Marsha Reeves Thank you Nina Prommer for featuring this painting in ART-It is Good For You!

2 Minutes Ago

Elena Elisseeva - Lotus flower

Lotus flower

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Bruce Bley What a lovely capture, Elena. Love the composition!! F/L/T/FB

3 Minutes Ago

Sharon Ely - Bussin

Bussin' Puffins

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Judi Dressler Gorgeous! Even a flower in the image -- love it! F/L

4 Minutes Ago

Karen Silvestri - Confident Sparrow

Confident Sparrow

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Ann Skelton Revisiting this beauty Karen! l/f

5 Minutes Ago

Susan Rissi Tregoning - Waipio Beach Panorama

Waipio Beach Panorama

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Judi Dressler Gorgeous scene... mmm! Love the hazy light coming in from the left. F/L

6 Minutes Ago

Maria Coulson - Twilight in Cadiz

Twilight in Cadiz

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Judy Vincent Beautiful night time capture! This will be the “Night Time” photo of the day on the USA Photographers group home page for 2/17/18!

7 Minutes Ago

Maria Woithofer - Puppy 20

Puppy 20

Judi Dressler Adorable drawing! F/L

8 Minutes Ago

Dee Winslow - Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams

Todd Dunham Countless great things about this image Dee, wonderful work !!!

9 Minutes Ago

Henryk Gorecki - Defenders of Rocky Desert

Defenders of Rocky Desert

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Melinda Dare Benfield Very interesting and intriguing imagery. Masterful work!

9 Minutes Ago

Marian Voicu - Dalmatian Head

Dalmatian Head

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Judi Dressler Love the expression you captured so beautifully! Marvelous work, Marian! F/L

10 Minutes Ago

Marcia Colelli - Elgol Beach, Isle of Skye

Elgol Beach, Isle of Skye

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Elizabeth Winter Beautiful scenery and wonderful sunset colors Marcia! f/v

10 Minutes Ago

Judi Dressler - House finch pair

House finch pair

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Judi Dressler Thank you very much, Kim!

11 Minutes Ago

Reese Lewis - Boat Dock In Venice

Boat Dock In Venice

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Ann Skelton Great capture and post Reese! l/f

12 Minutes Ago

Regina Geoghan - Peach Perfection Rose Bouquet

Peach Perfection Rose Bouquet

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Regina Geoghan Thanks very much Bruce for your very generous support.

10 Minutes Ago

Meryl Goudey - Tulip Fest

Tulip Fest

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Kip DeVore Beautiful work. v

13 Minutes Ago

Olga Zavgorodnya - Pink Flower Composition

Pink Flower Composition

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Olga Zavgorodnya Thank you, Dora Sofia, for featuring my image in the group "Visions Of Spring - Glances of Summer".

13 Minutes Ago

Judi Dressler - Wild Turkey Portrait

Wild Turkey Portrait

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Judi Dressler Thank you very much, Kim!

13 Minutes Ago

Kim Tran - Koi Fish Joy

Koi Fish Joy

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Judi Dressler A terrific interpretation and presentation, Kim! F/L

14 Minutes Ago

Megan Walsh - Jellyfish study

Jellyfish study

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Elizabeth Winter Beautiful work Megan! If/v

14 Minutes Ago

Morgan Wright - Dramatic Daisy

Dramatic Daisy

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Bruce Bley Amazing macro capture of this daisy, Morgan. F/L/T

15 Minutes Ago

Hazel Holland - Curious Friends

Curious Friends

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Judi Dressler What a gem! Beautiful animals and colors and expressions! F/L

16 Minutes Ago

Bruce Bley - Brown Eyed Susan

Brown Eyed Susan

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Bruce Bley Judy, I want to thank you for the feature in the group "USA Photographers ONLY". Thank you so much.

16 Minutes Ago

Marsha Reeves - Cottage on Park Street

Cottage on Park Street

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Marsha Reeves Thank you Stefano for featuring this painting in 10 Plus!

17 Minutes Ago

Judi Dressler - Snowy Egret flight

Snowy Egret flight

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Judi Dressler Thank you so much, Morris!

18 Minutes Ago

Tammy Miller - No Peanut Butter, Just Jelly

No Peanut Butter, Just Jelly

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Ann Skelton Great capture and title Tammy! l/f

19 Minutes Ago

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