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Louise Gale - Bali Inspired Mandala II

Bali Inspired Mandala II

Catalina Walker Way beautiful, Louise! love your art! l/fv

43 Seconds Ago

Robert Bales - Budding Prickly Pear Cactus

Budding Prickly Pear Cactus

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Jane See That's beautiful, love the colours and effect Robert, well done!! LFT

52 Seconds Ago

Nancy Spirakus - Grand Entrance Whitetail Buck Ohio

Grand Entrance Whitetail Buck Ohio

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Nancy Spirakus Thank you- believe it or not, he just calmly walked out of the woods and stood there- I had the camera on a tripod and everything, he was not tense at all.

1 Minute Ago

Doug Kreuger - On Eagles Wings II

On Eagles Wings II

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Doug Kreuger Thank you very much, Jack!

2 Minutes Ago

Leif Sohlman - Ducks #g1

Ducks #g1

Randy Dyer Nice

2 Minutes Ago

Brie West - Bird in Orange

Bird in Orange

Catalina Walker Incredible paintings, Brie! love your paintings, all of them :) l/fv

2 Minutes Ago

Barbara Keith - Grace


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Richard Bryce and Family Really great, Barbara! Well done. V/T

2 Minutes Ago

Carol Japp - Contemplating Life in Basel

Contemplating Life in Basel

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Rusalka Koroleva Outstanding capture, Carol! L/F

3 Minutes Ago

Joy McAdams - Heceta Head Lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse

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Jenn Teel Magnificent capture!! L/F/T

3 Minutes Ago

Brie West - Bird in Green

Bird in Green

Catalina Walker Fabulous work, Brie! l/fv

3 Minutes Ago

Terry Davis - Blossoms Bright

Blossoms Bright

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Jenn Teel Just gorgeous!!L/F/T

5 Minutes Ago

Carol Japp - Vintage Vienna

Vintage Vienna

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Rusalka Koroleva Outstanding image with great feeling for architecture and art! L/F

5 Minutes Ago

Miroslava Jurcik - Walk On The Sand

Walk On The Sand

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Marcia Colelli Great candid capture and composition with nice sepia tones. Nice work. L/F

5 Minutes Ago

Bachmors Artist - Flying I

Flying I

Catalina Walker I dream of flying too, Awesome:) l/fv

6 Minutes Ago

Kim Tran - Spring Blossoms #8

Spring Blossoms #8

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Kim Tran Thanks so much Darren for featuring this image in the group, Flowers Art 3 A Day, 29 Mar'17.

6 Minutes Ago

Miroslava Jurcik - Sleeping Koala

Sleeping Koala

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Marcia Colelli Very sweet capture. Nice details and nice in B&W. L/F

6 Minutes Ago

Marcia Colelli - Frangipani


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Marcia Colelli Thank you so very much Miroslava. 25/22

8 Minutes Ago

Khalid Saeed - Still life

Still life

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Khalid Saeed Thank you very much David ! for the feature, I am honored.

8 Minutes Ago

Carla Carson - Earth Angel

Earth Angel

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Catalina Walker Way cool, Carla! l/fv

8 Minutes Ago

Marcia Colelli - Ho

Ho'okipa Grand View

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Marcia Colelli Thank you so very much Miroslava. 5/6

8 Minutes Ago

John M Bailey - Redscape


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Christine Dekkers Just beautiful John, rich colors, perfect! :)C

9 Minutes Ago

Pic Michel - Burning Desire

Burning Desire

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Julia Woodman and this .... loving your work

10 Minutes Ago

Pic Michel - Fallen Canopy

Fallen Canopy

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Julia Woodman Yes, also love this

11 Minutes Ago

Carla Carson - My Beautiful Belladonna

My Beautiful Belladonna

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Catalina Walker Totally beautiful, Carla! l/fv

11 Minutes Ago

Belinda Greb - Rough Play

Rough Play

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Rusalka Koroleva Amazing expressivity in this capture, Belinda! Fantastic light and movement! L/F

11 Minutes Ago

Tonia Delozier - Imperial Moth Caterpillar 2

Imperial Moth Caterpillar 2

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Christine Dekkers WOW, great micro, what detail and color beautiful Tonia! :)C

11 Minutes Ago

Kovacs Anna Brigitta - Giraffe


Sandra Church Wonderful watercolor painting of giraffe Kovac! l.f.p. :))

12 Minutes Ago

Pic Michel - Hum


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Julia Woodman Wow I love it

12 Minutes Ago

Barbara Chichester - Sunlit Desert Canyon Tree

Sunlit Desert Canyon Tree

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Catalina Walker Exquisite shot, Barbara! love it...l/fv

13 Minutes Ago

Christopher James - Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

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Christine Dekkers So Beautiful Chris! perfect clouds fantastic colors!! :)C

13 Minutes Ago

Marnie Patchett - A New Day at an Old Site

A New Day at an Old Site

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Michael Scott Amazing view! You have some incredible work on FAA!

13 Minutes Ago

Barbara Chichester - Beyond Blue 221

Beyond Blue 221

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Catalina Walker So fabulous, Barbara! l/fv

14 Minutes Ago

Basant Soni - Series of Temples

Series of Temples

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Catalina Walker So incredibly fabulous, Basant!! l/fv

15 Minutes Ago

Abdelwahab Nour - Flexable Figures Group

Flexable Figures Group

Deborah Benoit Fabulous art!! l/f

16 Minutes Ago

Pamela Clements - Historical Sight

Historical Sight

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Pamela Clements Awesome Bruce, appreciate it immensely!

11 Minutes Ago

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