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Want to take a look behind the curtain to see how the print-on-demand industry really works?   Keep reading, below...

5% Commissions - The Future of the Print-On-Demand Industry?

Right now, in 2014, you're living in the heyday of the print-on-demand industry. It's a time when you can still earn thousands of dollars per month selling your prints online. At Designer Prints, our bestselling artists earn $10,000+ per month. Yes - really!

Unfortunately, there are several market forces currently at work which, over time, are going to drive down payments to sellers. Within a few years, most print-on-demand websites will be paying out small commissions for each sale (e.g. 5%).

Instead of earning $100+ for the sale of your canvas print, you'll earn just a few dollars.

Is this inevitable? Maybe...

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Selling Prints Online - Are You Wasting Your Time?

Q:   Where do people go when they want to buy music online?

A:   iTunes

Q:   Where do people go when they want to buy books online?


Q:   Where do people go when they want to buy art prints online?

A:   Good question. Keep reading, below...

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Self-Fulfilled Orders vs. Print-On-Demand

Should you sell prints on your own from your own website, or should you sell them through a larger "print-on-demand" marketplace?

If you decide to try it on your own, who is going to handle your printing... framing... matting... packaging... shipping... payment processing... etc.?

Who is going to answer your incoming phone calls and customer service e-mails? Who is going to work with FedEx / UPS when prints get lost or damaged during shipment. What is your return policy, and who absorbs the financial loss when a buyer returns your prints?

The questions, above, may sound overwhelming... but thankfully, they all have one simple answer... keep reading, below...

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Secrets of the Print-On-Demand Industry

There are hundreds of companies on the internet that offer to help you sell prints of your images and earn income as an artist / photographer.

In the print-on-demand industry, Designer Prints holds a unique position as the only company that has never accepted money from outside investors.

Designer Prints was built by a single programmer and continues to be developed by a single programmer to this very day.

As a result, we don't have to answer to a board of directors... we don't have to make decisions based on satisfying a team of bankers... and we don't have to censor our newsletters to avoid upsetting investors or potential investors.

So... get ready... here is an uncensored look at the secrets of the print-on-demand industry...

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